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10 Popular Bengali Serials of 2021

Thursday, January 27th, 2022

Bengali folks love watching serials. And the popular channels broadcasting Bengali serials in different genres are Star Jalsha and Zee Bangla. For millions of Bengalis, the Bangla serial remains their primary source of enjoyment. In this article, we have mentioned some of the top-rated and most-watched Bengali serials.

  1. Mithai:

This show is currently at the top of the TRP ratings. It has an intriguing plotline about a charming, happy peasant girl who makes a living selling sweet. Despite her upbeat personality, she is always met with apathy and disagreements from her husband, owing to her upbringing in a poor economic environment with little to no amenities and a lack of education.

  1. Aparajita Apu:

This storyline can be applied to a variety of situations where the mother-in-law opposes the dream of the daughter-in-law while the spouse supports her in all of her endeavours. This narrative follows the same pattern as the previous one, where the mother-in-law opposes her daughter-in-desire law’s to become a government officer, but her husband supports her in all of her endeavours. The audience has responded positively to this series.

  1. Krishnakoli:

It’s the storey of Shyama, a young woman with a profound passion for singing and dance who, after marrying into an affluent family, faces repercussions owing to her dark skin tone. Despite the odds, she and her husband continue to battle. Disha, her sister-in-law, adds to the mix by causing her a slew of issues. The plot has jumped 18 years, and some numerous twists and turns will keep you seated until the finish line.

  1. Jamuna Dhaki:

The plot of Jamuna Dhaki is particularly intriguing, as the female character is a dhaki player, and these dhaki players are in high demand during Kolkata’s Durga puja. His father is a well-known dhak performer. Every year, he and his daughter go to the Rai family’s residence to play dhaki. Due to his deteriorating health, she went alone this time to play the dhak and met sangeet, the Rai family’s son. Sangeet fell head over heels in love with her at first sight. And his aristocratic family isn’t happy about it. The second chapter of the tale follows Jamuna’s adjustment to her new family.

  1. Khorkuto:

Khorkuto discusses the perspectives of nuclear and joint families, as well as several examples of the importance of bonding, sharing, and caring. Gungun, the main character, is a spoiled brat who is raised by her paternal aunt and father. She has lost trust in marriage and the family system because she has been a victim of her mother’s neglect for years. Her father, on the other hand, wants to marry her to a family that values compassion and believes in developing a strong family relationship. Gungun, on the other hand, meets a youngster named Soujanya who comes from a middle-class joint family and shares a strong tie with his family.

  1. Khelaghor:

It’s not your average rom-com, where the wealthy meet the downtrodden. It’s the twisted tale of a thug named Shantu and a traditional young lady named Purna, who come from two distinct social groups. Shantu, on the other hand, applies vermillion to Purna’s head, causing Purna to marry Shantu against her wish. Shantu, on the other hand, is adamant about not accepting Purna as his soulmate. The show depicts the love tale of two people from two distinct social strata, each with their magnetic power, prestige, and financial resources to bring out the good in each other.

  1. Sanjherbati:

This serial has a refreshing plotline where the central character Charu, a peasant girl with decent behaviour who makes her living by making sweets is married to Arjo, a wealthy but visually challenged businessman. This elegant love story, which was 1st premiered in July 2019, has already etched a special place in the hearts of viewers.

  1. Mohor:

This serial has topped the charts of Star Jalsha for a long time. The main character of the story is a typical village girl named Mohor who runs away from her marriage to pursue her dreams. She does not get into any college at first, but after overcoming numerous obstacles, she is accepted into the institution. Here she meets professor Sankho, wherein in the latter part of the story she gets hitched with him. The chemistry that they both share is worth watching. This serial was originally telecasted in Hindi namely Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani. Because of its growing popularity, it is made available in 5 other languages Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, and Tamil.

  1. Sreemoyee:

This popular family drama is around a doting housewife and the lengths to which she will go to keep everyone happy. However, the revelation of her husband’s extramarital affair with one of his office colleagues, on the other hand, shatters her and coaxes her to establish her own identity. The artists’ enthralling performance has kept the audience captivated by the screen.

  1. Karunamoyee Rani Rashmoni:

The plotline takes you through the journey of Rani Rashmoni’s life, the founder of the famous Dakshineswar Kali Temple where she fought battle with the British East India Company with unwavering zeal. The show also depicts her struggle with patriarchal society in Janbazar, where she married Zamindar Babu Rajchandra Das.

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