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10 The Best Tamil TV Serials of 2021

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Tamil speaking people love watching Tamil serials. Gone are the days when people enjoyed and preferred watching Hindi serials over other regional languages. And for many, this is the prime source of entertainment. So, many of the popular directors and budding directors are coming up with unique plotlines to increase the number of viewers, as well as to top on the list of TRP and BAARC ratings. So, let’s know the 10 most-watched Tamil serials of 2021.

  1. Vani Rani:

This show was 1st telecasted in 2013 on the channel Sun TV, it’s been 8 years but still it is going great on screens with a strong fan following. It has an interesting plotline about two twin sisters named Vani and Rani where both of them overcome problems and hurdles as they share a very strong bond. The key roles are played by Raadhika Sarathkumar.

  1. Nandhini:

It is a popular supernatural Tamil serial that is aired on all the popular TV channels Sun TV, Gemini TV, Surya TV, and Udaya TV was 1st telecasted in 2017. The show has gathered a lot of attention and appreciation.

  1. Vamsam:

This serial is telecasted daily and 1st premiered in 2013 where the lead role is played by Ramya Krishnan. In this serial, Ramya Krishnan plays a double role, Shakthi and her twin sister Archana IAS. This show airs on Sun TV. This popular show has completed more than 1000 episodes. It has an intriguing autobiographical plotline where we focus on the life of Shakthi, the female protagonist who struggles to find her relations and clears all of them to reach the finish line.

  1. Kula Deivam:

This daily soap is aired daily except on Sundays and some of the prominent characters of the Tamil Industry have enacted in the serial like T. S. B. K. Moulee, Vadivukkarasi, Srithika, Satish, Aravamudhan, Karthi and more. It was 1st telecasted in May 2015 and is still going strong with the masses with a strong fan following.

  1. Deivamagal:

It is the usual plotline revolving around a couple who fight against all odds, hurdles until the finish line with the power of love and togetherness. It was 1st premiered in 2015 on Sun TV. The lead roles are played by Vani Bhojan and Krishna.

  • Chandralekha:

Chandralekha was premiered in the year 2014 on Sun TV. It has a refreshing plotline where the focus of the story is about two girls named Chandra and Lekha who were switched after their birth and ended up living with each other’s families. The program also showcases how both the girls become good-natured, responsible and virtuous women. Commercially as well as emotionally, this serial is a success.

  1. Nadhaswaram:

It was a fabulous entertainment serial that was premiered in the year 2010 on Sun TV. The serial was largely appreciated by the critics as well as by the masses and successfully was telecasted for 5 long years. The show was hype among the masses as each one of them proved their mettle and some of the prominent actors acted in the family drama like T.S.B.K. Mouli, Thirumurugan, Srithika etc. Not many shows have been telecasted live. However, this is not the case with this family drama. This family entertainer was premiered live all over the world for the masses to see and appreciate.

  1. Saravanan Meenatchi:

It is a romantic serial which was 1st premiered on STAR Vijay in the year 2011 and is going strong to date. The focus of the story is based on the key roles of Saravanan who was brought up in a city, and the female protagonist, Meenatchi, is a pleasant peasant girl. The plot revolves around their search for love and happiness in each other. And till date, this romantic drama is available in 2 seasons and the best part is both the seasons are a commercial hit.

  1. Deivam Thandha veedu:

This serial is the Tamil version of the popular Hindi drama Saath Nibhana Saathiya which was then telecasted on Star Plus. It stars some of the prominent actors from the Tamil serial industry like Roopa Sree, Meghna Vincent, the gorgeous Sudha Chandran and Sulakshna. This show 1st started in the year 2013 and is currently is on its 3rd season which is also well-appreciated by the audience. This family drama has won a couple of awards. The plotline revolves around the Chakravarthy family who is known for their strong values in the locality. But their strong relations with each other took a dramatic turn when two cousins with conflicting personalities are married in the family.

  1. Keladi kanmani:

This leading TV show was 1st premiered in 2015 on Sun TV. The plotline revolves around Maya, a mentally challenged woman, raised single-handedly by her mother, and the real-life challenges she faces. However, her mother dies in the first season, and it is revealed that she is married in the second season, and she is enduring a lot of problems at her in-laws’ household. This unusual drama has gathered a lot of attention and appreciation from the viewers.

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